Should I change the spelling of my last name?

Change the spelling of the first name?

Hello my dears,

i have resigned from islam and would like to change my muslim name or rather German.

I received this answer from the registry office

Dear Mr. Max Mustermann,

A first name and surname may only be changed if there is an important reason to justify the change. An important reason exists if the protected

Interest of the applicant in the name change in relation to any conflicting legitimate interests of other parties involved and those in the

legal provisions express the principles of naming, which also include the social regulatory function of the name and the public

Interest in keeping the traditional name prevails.

A change of the family name due to religious reasons is not possible, as these can only play a role with regard to first names.

In principle, a name change can be made for religious reasons, if a religion is joined and it is also lived. Dropping the

First names are usually not suitable for religious distancing. Your first name may be a modification of one of the 99 names of Allah, however

this is no longer primarily an identification of the name bearer in the area of ​​application of the law on the change of first and last names (NamÄndG)

cause with his religious affiliation. In short, your first name cannot be used to tell that it is solely for the Islamic faith

stands, especially since this is not (anymore) as a first name.

This is a first assessment on my part. If you still decide to submit an application, please send me the original application

Name change, which I am attaching to this email.

Can someone help me formulate the reason?

i was born in berlin i never lived the religion i am 25 and would definitely want to change my name for reasons of integration. Would be very grateful to you: /