Aloe Vera makes the skin glow

Travel Essentials: Which cosmetics you should definitely take with you when traveling

The next trip is just around the corner. Depending on how long you are on the road, the question of the essential travel companions for the skin arises. Traveling is nice, but also exhausting. This tires body and mind and our skin also feels it. Nevertheless, we want to look rested and fresh when we reach our goal. Proper care is important for this.

Skin care

Eye / face mask

Sleep is often difficult to find, especially when traveling overnight. The place is uncomfortable, the fellow travelers loud, bright neon light blinds the eyes - dark circles and puffy eyes are often the result the next day. A relaxing break for the eyes is now the order of the day and this is best done with an eye mask. In this way, the already very sensitive skin around the eye area is supplied with moisture and all the important nutrients. Aloe vera and caffeine are particularly important here. Alternatively, you can also use a mask for the whole face - after all, the rest of the face also longs for care.

Eye cream

Eye creams care for the sensitive eye area. This will help promote blood circulation and light up dark circles. In addition, redness is reduced and dry areas are cared for. Creams with caffeine are ideal.

Eye care serum

A grueling journey leads to stressed skin, and stressed skin is pale and dull. An eye care serum is a good idea because it brings freshness and glow back to the skin.

Sun protection

What one should never forget is a sunscreen. Nothing is as bad for your skin as UV radiation, especially when it comes to wrinkling.

Travel makeup

Let's face it: a huge makeup bag when traveling is just plain annoying. Who wants to drag one around? But you can't do without make-up either. If you want to save space, you can z. B. stick to 2-in-1 products. Otherwise, here are a few really important makeup items that shouldn't be missed:

A skin concealer helps with redness, stress pimples or dull skin. These are available in many shades and they create an even complexion.

A mascara should not be missing. There is no alternative for long eyelashes. Please don't forget the kohl or eyeliner.

For a soft shimmer, e.g. B. a bronze glow, an All Over Glow comes into question. The product can be used on the face and body and creates summer highlights.