Is serenity legitimate

Less stress - more serenity

Those who live in a steady relationship often become more considerate and relaxed, as Forsa was able to determine on behalf of RaboDirect Germany.

56 percent of those surveyed believe that their significant other has made them more considerate. Men in particular (62 percent versus 49 percent of women) agree. According to their own statements, only three percent are more selfish than before. Partnership is also a welcome stress blocker for many: Almost half of men and women (47 percent) feel much more relaxed with their partner than they did in the past. Only one in eight respondents (12 percent) experienced increased stress from the relationship. About the same number (13 percent) state that they are now more irritable. In contrast, one in three (35 percent) said that their partner made them calmer.

In addition, 36 percent of the couples surveyed state that their partner has made them more generous. Only five percent think that they made the relationship more stingy. Almost a third of the couples (31 percent) are of the opinion that their partner has made them even more economical. Only eleven percent admit that they are more lax with money than they were before the relationship. Overall, according to Forsa, 85 percent of Germans save. 62 percent of German citizens state that they have been doing this regularly for years. Only seven percent do not save at all.

For the Forsa survey on “The new saving”, a total of 1,003 people were surveyed on behalf of RaboDirect Germany between March 21 and 28, 2016.