What are some senior discounts in Texas

Since there is no discount law in the US, the US is a land of discounts and rebates. It is not common here to haggle over prices.

However, it is absolutely customary to obtain discounts through coupons or linked deals, also through loyalty associations or membership of different groups.

Coupons in the classic form grant a percentage discount on a price against the presentation of the coupon. Coupons can be found in local newspapers, but also in brochures at tourist offices and in the Rand McNelly car atlas. In tourist areas there are separate coupon booklets, some of which are in boxes on the side of the road. Coupon booklets for motels can be found at motorway service stations. Coupons for motels can also be printed out in advance via the Internet, e.g. at Roomsaver.

Paddock deals
Linkage deals are deals in which you make several purchases, which are then cheaper in total. Typical for this is, for example, that when staying overnight in a motel, a discount is granted on the meal in neighboring restaurants or entrance fees are reduced. Recently it has been reported, especially from the Orlando area, that travelers are being offered entry tickets at significantly lower prices along with breakfast. Breakfast then turns out to be an hourly sales event for time sharing.

Members often get noticeable discounts. The discounts that can be achieved through membership in the ADAC are unproblematic, since foreign automobile club members are treated equally with American ones. There are also "loyalty clubs" for the most important motel chains, and even for supermarkets (e.g. Safeways). Membership in these "associations" is free, and savings can be up to 25%. It makes sense to take out these memberships in good time from Germany via the Internet.

Belonging to a group

Juniors, military personnel, senior citizens and employees of individual companies are eligible. Juniors and students should have their international student ID with them. Employees of global corporations should clarify in advance which company discounts are interesting for their company. Joining the US Army solely for the purpose of reducing prices is not worth considering.
It is interesting that seniors in the USA can sometimes be very young. Occasionally you can get the senior discount already at 50, often at 55. It's worth asking.

As a rule, you can only ever apply one of several possible discounts.