Can see through INTJs psychopaths and sociopaths

What are the differences between a person with an INTJ personality and a psychopath?

I've been thinking about it for a while. I've done some extensive reading from different perspectives. I have also known some functioning psychopaths and have been invited to the inner circle (not to be confused with sociopaths - sociopaths are not born with the inability to feel like psychopaths and should therefore not be mentioned). I am also an INTJ.

That being said, I think a couple of things need to be addressed before I answer this question.

First, the classification of INTJ in the psycho community is not a solid foundation to work on. Personalities change every few years and move on a changing spectrum. While this description you read will likely bring you back to a "T", the field that created it doesn't like to use it.

Plus, not all psychopaths act like crazy cold-blooded lunatics who spend all of their time thinking about how to fool people. Well, they spend a lot of time worrying about how to screw people (as do a lot of non-psychopathic people, to be honest), but that doesn't mean they HAVE to respond to these thoughts if they have a good one Have impulse control.

A socially functioning psychopath has developed impulse control and is unlikely to have the narcissistic disorder associated with his or her psychological evaluation. How they do it is a bit of a wonder, but there are other writings about it, I'm sure. Read a book.

Functioning psychopaths have learned through trial and error to act in the world without emotion (like many of us, but not being able to assess emotions can make this much more challenging and potentially frustrating). They have learned the importance of having an inner circle of “friends” that they can rely on to ensure they are who they are. In some cases, the fact that it is a psyhopath cannot even be outwardly mentioned, but the suspicion is neither expressed out of respect nor out of a desire to err on the side of caution. An intelligent psychopath usually has a good idea in the presence of an intelligent person who sees them for who they are - even though there are few people around (which obviously makes them a valuable asset if they don't flee from terror).

With this in mind, INTJ personality types can control their emotions very well and behave logically in emotional situations. Psychopaths do not have emotions, but they have a series of “masks” or something called a “database” that is stored in their minds on how to behave and what affects and facial expressions to use when approached in certain situations / scenarios. If you are very emotionally intelligent and know a lot about psychology and understand how it all works, there are amusing ways to confuse psychopaths with shaking their "masks," but I would advise against it unless they have They were invited to try it out of their own curiosity (which they would probably do because it could give them insight into how to find out if someone is deliberately screwing with them). In any case, what all of this means is that psychopaths and INTJ personality types tend to react in similar ways to similar situations. INTJ personalities can also have a darker side of their personality as they tend to embrace the darker truths and realities that life has to offer because they value truth and logic very much. This allows both species to laugh at the same joke. The difference is that psychopaths are usually not as honest and honest as an INTJ. Suppose our INTJ had to work in sales for a while, or some other job that required them to bend or break truths (as much as it may have tormented them) and discovered the value of a lie. Then they would have developed even more similarities. Both parties are now aware of the value between truth and lies, and both parties are aware of what it feels like to put on a “mask” to dishonestly interact with people as a means to an end. I think that's a big reason both of them may be so intrigued by each other. Psychopaths and INTJs are aware of their uniqueness. In order to gain a deeper understanding, one appeals to both so that both have something to offer the other. Talk about an intriguingly bizarre friendship.

Another thing about INTJs is that they can get terribly pragmatic in searching for the various truths in life. They can look at a situation from several angles and perspectives at the same time and often determine very precisely how to proceed in these situations in order to achieve the best possible result - much like a psychopath. The main difference is that an INTJ can carry an emotion much more convincingly because they have actually experienced a real emotion internally. Where a psychopath might crack because he is tired of the boredom of his performance or has no understanding of real emotions, an INTJ can crack because he has finally allowed his conscience to take hold. The INTJ would make the shock test shorter than the psychopath unless their pragmatic pursuit of the truth told them that the means could justify the ends.

This brings with it an interesting situation, because at some point one might wonder whether the INTJ is allowing itself to stop feeling emotions. The topic of secondary psychopathy could be inserted here.

I can't really focus on writing anymore, so I hope this gave some insight.