How useful Facebook is to students

The 40 best websites for students

1. Whether Christoph Karrasch sticks his tongue in the Dead Sea or goes fishing at a Finnish ice hole - the travel blogger has his video camera for his side vonunterwegs.comAlways there.

2. That makes the rainforest happy. Simply put the link in the input field of printfriendly.comcopy and the page erases all unnecessary nonsense when printing.

3. Forgot song title? Then on midomi.comSing or hum to the scraps of songs. The site will find almost every catchy tune with a frightening certainty.

4. Looking for inspiration? Then visit There are hundreds of videos of inspiring lectures by bright minds, all in English and none longer than 20 minutes.

5. More than 150 webcams open up to you earthcam.comWindow to the whole world. Some even have sound in their luggage.

 6. On the page co-founded by the documentary filmmaker Valentin Thurn foodsharing.deleftover food, for example from a party, can be put in and picked up.

7. A video of a man bowling backwards or a 12-minute documentary about coffee culture. The blog laughingsquid.comfrom San Francisco has it all.

8. What your professor says is all bullshit. Now you can prove it. To test a text for its blah content, just add it Blablameter.deand be amazed.

9. On studentrecipes.comThere are well-categorized recipes for quick bargain meals and, on top of that, a blog with useful articles about basic kitchen equipment, for example.

10. over roomsurfer.comcheap private rooms can be found all over the world. The highlight: an algorithm taps your own Facebook profile for preferences and interests and then matches that with other room surfers who tick similarly.

The top 10 websites against boredom

1. Bad mood? At there are so many cute puppies that the bad mood quickly evaporates!

2. Anyone looking for new music should look to look around. Over 4 million songs on Spotify have rarely or never been listened to, and the website wants to make sure that these songs are not forgotten. There is bound to be something new for the playlist!

3. There is even more encouragement The cute manatees have something to say to you!

4. Total boredom and invincible laziness? Times a picture with some lovely sloths!

5. Don't know which movie to watch next? has some suggestions!

6. Writer's block? punishes you if you haven't typed for too long. So quick, otherwise the website will delete parts of your text!

7. If you want to get creative, do something! lets you quickly paint a beautiful star nebula.

8. Sometimes writing is much more atmospheric when it is raining and falling asleep when it is raining is very special. When the weather doesn't play along, it further.

9. When the silence becomes overwhelming, the coffee shop atmosphere can fuel productivity. you can even set what kind of background noise you want.

10. What could be nicer than kittens? shows you a kitten every 100 words so that you can be motivated to write your homework!