Who is Humayun's father

The three young men appear on time. John * (31), Robert * (27) and Marco * (21) are visibly nervous, going public is a brave step for them. All of them have completed an apprenticeship and work in large companies. Nobody knows about their bad fate at work. They want it to stay that way.

The background: On October 19, 2009, her mother Nasrin R. ** († 41) was shot several times. The perpetrator: her husband Humayun R. ** (62), the father of the young men. Three weeks ago he was sentenced to 14 years in the first instance. A circumstantial process that moves the trio to this day. Because: The sons simply do not trust their father to do the deed.

The sons doubt the judgment

"The guilty verdict on our father throws us back into an uncertain future," says the eldest son John. He adds: "We can hardly believe the verdict and are convinced of Papa's innocence."

Humayun R. actually has four sons: Robert and John from the first marriage, Marco (21) and Daniel * (14) from the second with the murdered Nasrin. Only three sons come to the conversation with BLICK - the youngest still cannot talk about the loss of his birth mother.

The four sons of the perpetrator have had a terrible time since the death of their mother or stepmother. «We were all in shock. But the worst thing was little Daniel, »says John. The youngest brother was only five years old at the time of the crime. Brother John: «He lost his mother, the father disappeared into custody for eight months. He could no longer speak, withdrew to himself. "

While in custody, the two eldest sons were only allowed to see their father twice. The biological children, Daniel and Marco, come to the home.

“The time in the children's home was bad,” says Marco. "The authorities even wanted to separate me from my little brother." He recalls: “The home was actually only for children up to ten years of age. I was already twelve. " The brothers only stay together if they are lucky.

Then the father is released again - for lack of evidence. The boys have a home again, everything seems fine. Until autumn 2015. Humayun R. ends up in custody again, this time for seven months. After all: the boys don't end up in the home, but stay with their father's ex-wife.

Sons hope for a turnaround in court

Finally, the trial three weeks ago, the three eldest sons of Humayun R. are there. You criticize the long process. «Our father is simply the scapegoat. The whole investigation was directed against him. The judge hardly considered exculpatory evidence, while the incriminating ones were fully assessed, ”says John. «We know our father best. He's not such a monster as the prosecution portrays him. "

But who killed Nasrin? The three brothers agree: «Someone else! We hope so much that the police will find the right one and that our father will be acquitted in the high court. "

* Name changed

** name d. Red. Known

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