What is the Oberon programming language used for?

Oberon - tutorial / book wanted

The boot process and the basic system were written in assembler. Sure, because the hardware doesn't understand any language! This is then the basis for software-oriented programming. Libraries can be loaded with it. These are of course also assembler applications, but they were programmed with c and c ++. Script languages ​​are hardly used any more, because you can then see the scripts.
The asdfman archive seems interesting, I'm just downloading it. And no, of course I'm not a Microsoft slave!

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I have never given any reviews to Oberon. Did I say Oberon was just stupid? I have only listed facts, if you want to object to these facts, then OK. If they don't suit you, you just keep saying "I have no idea".
The facts:
1. Oberon isn't very popular (which isn't to say it's bad).
2. With less popular languages ​​there is usually no absolutely good IDE and less support, tutorials and references than with very popular languages.

[[[3. Oberon is very complex, which is good on the one hand, but it also makes it very complicated, similar to Visual C ++.]]]

Ok, then not complicated, I only saw a few snippets of code. If you want to get a picture yourself, you can look at the examples on Wikipedia. The other points are still there, and certainly because I've never seen a topic in the programming forum except this one about Oberon. Instead, at least 100 each to: PHP, JAVA, C #, VB, C ++ ...